Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sew Kitschy Round-up + let’s talk BoMs

 Hard to believe that Sew Kitschy is done! Doesn’t the time fly. I have absolutely loved seeing your Sew Kitschy blocks, your fabric choices and the way you have made your blocks your own. So many happy Betty’s in gorgeous kitchens all over the place! I hope you enjoyed the BoM and well done those who made it right through to the end with that last tricky block!


I thought it might be fun to see what everyone has done with their blocks – whether they have been put together into a big wallhanging or used as single little projects. So I’ve added a linky party to the end of this post for you to share your projects. It’ll be open til the end of the year so plenty of time to share! Thanks everyone who was a part of the BoM this year!

So… what next? I am wondering about a BoM for next year. I thought I’d post here and gauge interest. We’ve had a sewing theme one in 2013 (And Sew On) and the retro kitchen themed Sew Kitschy this year. But I can’t decide on a theme. So feel free to throw suggestions my way. I can’t guarantee at this stage whether a BoM will be definite for next year – it depends on time and inspiration, but it’s definitely on my “maybe” list! So drop me a line and let me know your thoughts!

In the meantime don’t forget to link up your finished Sew Kitschy projects!

Happy sewing friends!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pattern Bundle Sale!

Hello quilty types!

I know I've been rather quiet of late. It has been a busy time with homeschooling (yes it's going beautifully and I feel like we really made the right decision!) and working towards Issue 2 of Make Modern (due out on 1st November and shaping up to be rather awesome!).

So I decided to do a bit of a sale. Now unfortunately I can't just offer a coupon and send you to go crazy on pattern buying. Craftsy doesn't do coupons (yet?!). But instead I have gone and marked down all the pattern bundles. Previously they were $10, now down to $7.50. And the Just My Type pattern bundles are down to $5.00.  Bargain! ;)
You can find the patterns all listed in my Craftsy shop with discounts already applied.

Happy sewing my friends!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Make Modern

 Hello quilty types!

Just in case I haven’t shamelessly plugged it enough – did you know I’m part of a fabulous new digital magazine called Make Modern? I know right! I kept that one quiet didn’t I!

MM cover

You can find a little free preview on Issuu – gives you a bit of a feel for what the magazine is like and what sort of things you can find inside.

Well in case you don’t know much about it yet, we have a month-long blog hop where you can meet a bunch of the makers and find out a little bit about their projects as well as about the makers themselves. And today’s my day!

So my project! Of course it’s paper pieced. I’m sure people sometimes wonder if I know how to do anything else! But I have fun and that’s what counts right? So while mulling over my inaugural project and brainstorming with Jane, Miss Betty started demanding more attention. She was a bit sick of being stuck in the kitchen for the year long Sew Kitschy BoM. She decided it was time to learn how to quilt. Here she is with her new hobby – admiring pretty fabrics.

Betty Mini quilt

She’s a bit fancy in her domino dots dress (sneaking suspicion that she may have made it herself – she may be new to quilting, but she’s not new to sewing!). And of course her stack of fabric is made up of her favourite colours – red and aqua. Nice eye for colour there Betty.

So you can find this project, amongst a bunch of other awesome ones in the very first issue of Make Modern. You can pick up a single copy, or subscribe from our shop on our website

And do make sure you follow along on the rest of the blog hop! So much awesomeness to see!

1st September                   Make Modern
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7th September                   Gina @ Party of Eight: Our Story
9th September                  Molli Sparkles
11th September                 Juliet @ The Tartan Kiwi
13th September                 cat&vee
15th September                Ruth @ Ben and Charly’s corner
17th September                 Kelly @ Kelliotmagic
19th September                 Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts
21st September                 Serena @ Sew Giving
23rd September                 Melissa @ Ms Midge
25th September                 Anne @ Hudson Valley Quilts
To those beautiful people who have already read the first issue and given such wonderful feedback and support – a HUGE thank you. You really know how to make our hearts sing. It has been an overwhelming, exciting and often nervewracking journey to bring out our first issue and to have it received so well has just been wonderful. Thank you x eleventy billion!

Happy sewing friends and I hope you’re working on a new project to make modern! Smile

Monday, 1 September 2014

Sew Kitschy – September Block

 Here it is friends – the very final Sew Kitschy BoM block! I know you’ve been keen to make the mistress of the house and now it’s time. You’ve honed your paper piecing skills, you’ve got your theme colours prepared, you just need the pattern.

Sew Kitschy Betty paper pieced pattern

And today’s the day! Betty’s pattern is now listed in my Craftsy shop for free for the month of September. She is the last pattern in the set of nine kitchen themed blocks (if you missed the others, you can pick up the entire bundle also in my Craftsy shop).

I am a little sad to be drawing to the end of Sew Kitschy. I have so enjoyed seeing what you lovely quilty types have been making and how you have made the Sew Kitschy blocks your own! But now I will look forward to seeing how you put them all together and make something out of all the blocks!

Sew Kitschy BoM Patterns by Quiet Play

But don’t worry! It’s not the last of Betty. That gal has a place in my heart and she keeps demanding to be put in new patterns! There’s always Betty the Lush for those fellow wine types.. (in my Craftsy shop currently).

Betty The Lush

And now there’s a new pattern! This one can be found in my other creative venture – Make Modern! A digital quilting magazine for quilters, by quilters (including me!). The very first issue is out today! Woohoo! Miss Betty insisted on being in the very first issue. Such a diva. She decided she wanted to try quilting, so we started by introducing her to fabric. And oh what a slippery slope that is. She has already chosen her favourites and is just working on what pattern to make. I have recommended she does not partake of wine while sewing, you don’t want threads in your wine after all!

Make Modern Issue One Betty

So thank you friends for joining Betty and I on this rather fun sewing adventure! We can’t wait to see how you finish up your last block and put them altogether! Make sure you link up your Betty blocks here.

Happy sewing my friends!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

A few blocks! A few patterns!

There has not been a great deal of sewing happening around these parts I’m afraid to say. But I have managed to do a few little bits here and there to try to keep on track with my Bee block commitments! So I thought I would take a few minutes amidst mad magazine preparation (only a few weeks to go til Issue 1!!) and adjusting to homeschooling, to share my recent sewing adventures.

Firstly – a little star block for Alyce for Wombat Stew. The theme was stars with these colours chosen by Alyce. The lovely Midge had asked me to draw up a Mariner’s Compass block for her, and this one happened in the process. I love that around the star looks circular but it’s all done with straight lines.
Mariner's Star

I couldn’t resist using the coral Feathers print from Wee Wander for the background. A few Domino Dots for the navy, and the Pearl Bracelets and Bike Path went together beautifully for the star. I know I know, I’m fabric-name-dropping like a champion! You know how it is. I have also listed this pattern in my Craftsy shop.

Next up – a do.good Stitches block for the Care Circle. Rachel chose this one and it wasn’t as straight forward as one might think. It’s a template based block which can often present a challenge with getting the templates all to print off at the same size. I will admit to some swearing and unpicking during this block, but it’s done. I think Rachel chose beautiful colours for this Octagonal Orb. But I won’t be making this block again ;)

Octagonal Orb

Then it was back to a little more paper piecing! This time a simple little house for Elnora for the Wee Bee. She requested mixed low volume background and a bright house. Naturally I couldn’t resist a little bit of fussy cutting!

Paper pieced house

This little house pattern is part of a 9 pattern house bundle that you can find in my Craftsy shop.  It’s very creatively titled “Little House Paper Pieced Bundle”. I”m good with words and naming things. Yep.

So there you have it. Proof that a little bit of sewing has been happening! There’s still a LOT left on my to do list but one thing at a time! Isn’t that the age-old quilter’s dilemma? So many projects, not enough time! I think I am due for some sanity sewing soon though. Must schedule that in! ;)

Happy sewing my friends!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Sew Kitschy – August block

Yep. August. A new month means a new block! And believe it or not… this is the second last block of the Sew Kitschy BoM! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?!

We are getting to the harder blocks – harder in terms of smaller pieces, more fiddly piecing – but not, I assure you, any dreaded y-seams. I don’t think there’s anyone who dislikes y-seams more than me! So onto the next block – kitchen utensils! Betty has to have something to cook with after all!


We are getting close to the end of the BoM! If you’ve missed any of the earlier blocks, you can swing by my Craftsy shop and pick them up, or if you’re an eager beaver, buy the whole set at once so you don’t have to wait for the rest of the blocks. Otherwise, continue your usual routine and download the free block this month and get to sewing! Smile This one will be free for the month of August then it will become a paid pattern like the rest of them (changes on 1st of the next month Aussie time). Because. Well. Bills.

Sew Kitschy BoM Patterns by Quiet Play

Pop over, pick up the pattern and let’s get sewing! Can’t wait to see your blocks! Make sure you link them up back here so we can all admire them! Happy sewing, my friends!

Sew Kitschy

Friday, 18 July 2014

Happenings Around Here

 Hello friends! Thanks for not deserting me of late when my blog posts have been few and far between! I’m afraid they may stay that way for a little while. So I thought I’d pop in and post a little explanation.

There are a few big happenings here in Quiet Play land. Firstly, I posted about this last week – but any excuse to mention it again! A couple of my quilty besties and I are in the process of creating a new digital modern quilting magazine! We are so passionate and excited about Make Modern and are preparing to have our first issue out on the 1st September. It’s super exciting, and also super time consuming – but I am loving every second of it.

Here’s a little sneak peek of one of our favourite paper pieced characters… you’ll find the rest of this pattern in our very first issue!

Mini Sneak Peek

If you’re interested in finding out more about Make Modern (and who wouldn’t be – modern quilt projects and articles? Yes please!), you can check out our website! You can subscribe to our newsletter, check out our IG, read our blog (free project!) or pre-order the magazine now. Oh yep, we’re everywhere, doing everything. It’s awesome. :)

Make Modern

So that’s the work side. The home side at the moment has also gotten unexpectedly busier. After much agonising, sleepless nights, some tears, some manic muppet style flailing, I have decided to home school my son. I have written previously about J and some of the issues he has (ADHD, SPD, and currently in the process of an Aspergers assessment). School has not been easy for him this year and he has developed anxiety. Traditional school can be a very noisy, overwhelming, distracting place and this year has been tough. Add into that a nasty bully who has caused some dramas for my boy, and it’s been difficult.

So. I am now a home schooling mama! I’d love to connect with other mums who are doing the home schooling thing. I will add we are enrolling in a college that does Distance Education, so fortunately I don’t have to do the entire curriculum myself (an idea that fills me with dread despite actually being a trained primary school teacher…). The work arrives next week and we are looking forward to starting it. But naturally it does cut down on some of my time.

And so with all this in mind, and my plate becoming somewhat fuller, I’ve decide to retire the Paper Piecing Party. I am not sewing as much, nor designing patterns as much as I was and it’s become difficult to come up with things each week to share! I do hope you’ll forgive me – and I thank you for being involved in the party over the past however long. It has been very fun!

I will still be blogging (when I have something to share) and of course I’m having ridiculous amounts of fun on IG (@quietplay – come hang out with me!). And I hope you’ll understand the cut back on the blogging! I love it, but something has to give somewhere! Don’t worry – I”m still a paper piecing fiend planning to take over the quilty world with paper piecing goodness – just maybe at a snail’s pace! Winking smile So wish me luck my friends! Big changes but much excitement ahead!